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He had many kinsfolk, but few friends

Job 19 Ver. 14. My kinsfolk have failed.

scil. In courtesy, as Ruth’s kinsman did. Job had many kinsfolk, but few friends; and this was a great grief to him, as it was afterwards also to David: Continue reading “He had many kinsfolk, but few friends”

About friends again

  1. As brooks run with waters then when there is least need of them; so false friends are most officious when their courtesy might best be spared.
  2. As the ice of such brooks is so condensed and hardened that it beareth men, horses, and other things of great weight; so counterfeit friends promise and pretend to be ready to do their utmost to suffer anything for our good and comfort.
  3. But as those brooks are dried up in summer, and frozen up in winter, so that we can set no sight on them; in like sort these are not to be found when we are in distress and affliction.
  4. As brooks in winter are covered with snow and ice; so these would seem to be whiter than snow when their affections towards us are colder than ice.
  5. Lastly, as the ice that was hard and firm, upon a thaw breaketh and melteth; so false friends leave us many times upon very small or no dislikes; as being constant only in their unconstancy.

(Job 6:15)

About friends again…

6:Ver. 15. My brethren have dealt deceitfully as a brook.

Even you, whom I esteemed as my brethren (for to them he applieth this speech, #Job 6:21), prove hollow and helpless to me; like the river Araris, that moveth so slowly, that it can hardly be discerned, saith Caesar, whether it flow forward or backward (Caesar, de Bell Gal. l. 1); or rather, to a certain fish in that river Araris, called scolopidus; which at the waxing of the moon is as white as the driven snow, and at the waning thereof is as black as a burnt coal. Continue reading “About friends again…”

About friends

From his friend (Job 6:14)

Who is made for the day of adversity, #Pr 17:17, and should show love at all times, and especially in evil times; but poor Job bewaileth the want of such faithful friends, Αφιλον το δυστυχες, Et cum fortuna statque caditque fides. Continue reading “About friends”

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