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The Baptist was all voice

As for John Baptist, he professeth himself to be no more than a voice. And so indeed he was totus vox, all voice.

His apparel, his diet, his conversation did preach holiness as well as his doctrine,

#Mr 6:20: For Herod feared John, knowing that he was a just man and an holy, and observed him; and when he heard him, he did many things, and heard him gladly.

See also John 3:25-36. (Comm. on Mark 1:1)


The painting: Herri met de Bles – Landscape with Saint John the Baptist Preaching

B & B & B

Matthew 26: Ver. 9. For this ointment might have been sold.

True, and better it had been sold, had it been a superfluous and idle expence; such as is today ordinary in fine clothes, sumptuous feasts, over stately buildings, &c. Continue reading “B & B & B”

Trade mark clothing again

Matthew 6, Ver. 29. And yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory…

In all his bravery, which doubtless was very great, in the day of his espousals, especially, when his mother crowned him, #So 3:11. Herod’s cloth of silver did so dazzle the people’s eyes in a sunny day, that they deified him. {a} Alcisthenes the Sybarite’s cloak was sold to the Carthaginians by Dionysius for 120 talents. And Demetrius, king of Macedon, had a robe royal so stately and costly, that none of his successors would wear it, for avoiding of envy. There is no doubt but Solomon’s royal robes were very sumptuous, being so mighty and wealthy a monarch.

Great ones may go arrayed according to their state; and they that are in kings’ houses wear softs, #Mt 11:8. Continue reading “Trade mark clothing again”

About trademark clothes

Matt. 3, Ver. 4. And the same John had his raiment of camel’s hair.

Suitable to Elias (in whose spirit and power he came), who was thus habited. Continue reading “About trademark clothes”

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