From his friend (Job 6:14)

Who is made for the day of adversity, #Pr 17:17, and should show love at all times, and especially in evil times; but poor Job bewaileth the want of such faithful friends, Αφιλον το δυστυχες, Et cum fortuna statque caditque fides.

David also complaineth to God, his only fast friend, of those that would be the causes, but not the companions, of his calamity, that would fawn upon him in his flourish, but forsake him in his misery. My lovers and friends stand aloof, &c., they looked on him, and so passed by him, as the priest and Levite did the wounded passenger, #Lu 10:32.

But God takes it ill that any should once look upon his afflicted, unless it be to pity and relieve them, #Ob 12,13, and hath threatened an evil, an only evil, without the least mixture of mercy, to such as show no mercy to those in misery, #Jas 2:13.