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January 2019

Magnates magnetes

Ezekiel 8, Ver. 11. And there stood before them seventy men of the ancients.

The whole Sanhedrim, or great council, haply.

Councils may err, and have done often.

The ill example of these ancients was very attractive.

Magnates magnetes.

The laborious preacher’s face shall once shine as an angel’s

Ezekiel 10, ver. 14. The face of a cherub.

There are those who tell us, that in the Syriac tongue, the word cherub is taken from a word which signifieth drawing the plough, which is the bullock’s proper labour.

We must believe therefore, say they, that cherub signifieth properly the figure of a bullock, under which hieroglyphically was represented an angel.

The laborious preacher’s face shall once shine as an angel’s.

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