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Christian children

Christian children are the Church’s nursery; the devil seeks to destroy them, as he did the babes of Bethlehem; but Christ hath a gracious respect unto them, and sets them on a rock that is higher than they.

I lament the infidelity of England

Matthew 26:24 But woe unto that man by whom, &c.

He bewails not himself, but Judas.

So should we do those by whom we are traduced and injured. They, poor wretches, have the worst of it. Continue reading “I lament the infidelity of England”

B & B & B

Matthew 26: Ver. 9. For this ointment might have been sold.

True, and better it had been sold, had it been a superfluous and idle expence; such as is today ordinary in fine clothes, sumptuous feasts, over stately buildings, &c. Continue reading “B & B & B”

Carelessness is most often the beginning of a catastrophy

Matthew 24:Ver. 37. So shall the coming of the Son of man be… Sudden and unexpected.

Luther observeth, that it was in the spring that the flood came, when everything was in its prime and pride, and nothing less looked for than a flood; men sinned securely, as if they had lived out of the reach of God’s rod, but he found them out.

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The apostle Peter and a paradox

It was a saying of the same Mr Fox, that his graces did him most hurt, and his sins most good. A paradox; but by our temptations, we know his meaning. As pain easeth a Christian, death revives him, dissolution unites him, so corruption clarifies him.

I dare be bold to say (saith Augustine) that it is good for proud persons to fall into some foul sin, that they may be humbled, as Peter was, and so saved.

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Somewhat men will do for Christ, but suffer nothing

Somewhat men will do for Christ, but suffer nothing.

Not gifts, but graces in prayer move the Lord

Matthew 23:14 Make long prayers…

God takes not men’s prayers by tale, but by weight.

  • He respecteth not the arithmetic of our prayers, how many they are;
  • nor the rhetoric of our prayers, how eloquent they are;
  • nor the geometry of our prayers, how long they are;
  • nor the music of our prayers, the sweetness of our voice,
  • nor the logic of our prayers, or the method of them,

but the divinity of our prayers is that which he so much esteemeth.

He looketh not for any James with horny knees through assiduity in prayer; nor for any Bartholomew with a century of prayers for the morning and as many for the evening, but St Paul, his frequency of praying with fervency of spirit, without all tedious length and vain babblings, this is it that God maketh most account of.

It is not a servant’s going to and fro, but the despatch of his business that pleaseth his master.

It is not the loudness of a preacher’s voice, but the holiness of the matter and the spirit of the preacher, that moveth a wise and intelligent hearer.

So here, not gifts, but graces in prayer move the Lord. But these long prayers of the Pharisees were so much the worse, because thereby they sought to entitle God to their sin, yea, they merely mocked him, fleering {a} in his face.


Matthew 22, Ver. 29. Ye do err, not knowing…

Ignorance is a breeder.

All sins are seminally in ignorance.

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How to break the bones

Matthew 22, Ver. 12. Friend, how camest?

Not wretch, rebel, reprobate. Hard reproofs administered in soft language break the bones.

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