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Trapp will be most valuable to men of discernment (Spurgeon). I speak as to wise men; judge ye what I say. (1Cor. 10:15)



Worse times

… this adulterous and sinful generation … (Mark 8:38)

The worse the times are, the better we should be.

Stars are most needed in a dark night.

The Baptist was all voice

As for John Baptist, he professeth himself to be no more than a voice. And so indeed he was totus vox, all voice.

His apparel, his diet, his conversation did preach holiness as well as his doctrine,

#Mr 6:20: For Herod feared John, knowing that he was a just man and an holy, and observed him; and when he heard him, he did many things, and heard him gladly.

See also John 3:25-36. (Comm. on Mark 1:1)


The painting: Herri met de Bles – Landscape with Saint John the Baptist Preaching

Christ condescended to the devils

Mark 5, Ver. 13. Jesus gave them leave.

If Christ condescended to the devils, though to the loss of others, will he not hear us?

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