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His sin and his repentance run in a circle

Deut. 29:19 To add drunkenness to thirst.

To “add rebellion to sin.” [Job 34:37]

“To drink iniquity like water.” [Job 34:7]

His sin and his repentance run in a circle, as drunkenness and thirst do.

He sins and cries God mercy, and says he will sin no more, and yet does it again the next day, till his heart be so hardened by the deceitfulness of sin, that at length he loseth all passive power of “recovering himself out of the snare of the devil, by whom he is taken alive at his pleasure.” [2 Timothy 2:26]

More about popcorn

Deut. 21 Ver. 20. He is a glutton.

The same word is used for a vile person in #Jer 15:19 (if thou take forth the precious from the vile).

And indeed belly-gods {#Php 3:19, Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.} are dungy-gods. {#Hab 2:18 Eze 4:12,13}

A scavenger, whose office is to empty, is to be preferred before him that liveth but to fill, privies.

Gold and silver

Deut. 17: Ver. 17. … neither shall he greatly multiply to himself silver and gold.

Lest his exactors receive from his subjects no less sums of curses than of coin; and lest he gather

money, the sinews of war,

but lose

the people’s affection, the joints of peace,

as our King John did. 

Paying not those who rend you spiritual services

Deut. Ver. 19. Take care that thou forsake not the Levite.

But look to his livelihood; since small allowances make either ignorant or negligent ministers.

God counts of men by the goodness that is in them

Deut. 1 Ver. 25. And brought us word again.

Joshua and Caleb did; for the rest are not here reckoned of;

God counts of men by the goodness that is in them.

A man of courage he must be

Debt 1:17 You shall not be afraid.

For, Facile a iustitia deviat, qui in causis non Deum sed homines pertimescit, saith Chrysostom:

A faint hearted judge doth easily pervert justice. Continue reading “A man of courage he must be”

Princes and businessmen have no easy life

Deut 1 Ver. 12. Bear your cumbrance.

A prince’s temples are not so compassed with a crown, as his mind besieged with cares;

nor is he so lifted up with the splendour of his train, as cast down with the multitude of his fears. Continue reading “Princes and businessmen have no easy life”

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