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June 2019

Constant only in their inconstancy.

Galatians 1 Ver. 6. I am astonished that ye are so soon deserting Him who called you.

Giddy headed hearers have religionem ephemeram, are whirred about with every wind of doctrine, being constant only in their inconstancy.

The Hague, anno 1657

Esther 9:19 That dwelt in the unwalled towns.

Such as is the Hague in Holland, that hath two thousand households in it; and chooseth rather to be counted the principal village of Europe than a lesser city.


And it is high time for us now to set aside our private emulations and exceptions; as the creatures in the ark laid by their antipathies within, because of the common danger of an inundation without.

Manhood and doghood

Esther 8:13 To avenge themselves on their enemies.

This was no private revenge, but licensed by the chief magistrates, intrusted by God with the administration of his kingdom upon earth, by the exercise of vindictive and remunerative justice, #Ro 13:4.

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The smaller fishes bite soonest

Esther 8:17 For the fear of the Jews fell upon them.

So that either for love or fear they conformed to the Jewish way of worship, or at least they forbare to attempt against them, whom now they looked upon as heaven’s darlings. Continue reading “The smaller fishes bite soonest”

Shepherds and wise men

Luke 2: Ver. 20. As it was told unto them.

God, to show that he respected not persons, revealed this grand mystery to shepherds and wise men; the one poor, the other rich; the one learned, the other unlearned; the one Jews, the other Gentiles; the one near, the other far off.

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