Job 34: Ver. 32. That which I see not, teach thou me.

For I am yet in the dark, and know not the right cause wherefore thou afflictest me.

Herein men are very apt to mistake themselves, and when God calls one way to run another, as young Samuel did, i Sam. iii. 5.

The devil also dealeth by the afflicted as the Jews did by Christ, blindfolds them, and then bids them prophesy who smote them, and for what?

Hence in afflictions we many times grope as blind men, guessing at this cause and at that, but seldom fasten on the right.

Here, then, God must be sought unto for direction, and besought that he would graciously point us to the sin he strikes at. This Job had done once and again, #Job 10:2 13:23. But Elihu would have him to do it yet better.

The painting: Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Conversion of Paul, The, 1567