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December 2017


39: Ver. 9. Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee?

The rhinoceros, saith the Vulgate: but that is another kind of beast, so called from the growing of his horn from his nose ( Naricornis). This is the monoceros or unicorn, which cannot be taken alive ( interimi potest, capi non potest), as the rhinoceros may. A very fierce and strong creature it is; and today very rare, but anciently more common. He hath one horn only (and not many, as R. Levi by a mistake would infer from #De 33:17), that greweth in the middle of his forehead; and that he lifted up on high; whence also be hath his name in the Hebrew. He is described in Scripture, Continue reading “Monoceros”

To convince a man of a fault, and not to advise him

Job 33: Ver. 31. Surely it is meet to be said unto God, I have borne chastisement.

To convince a man of a fault, and not to advise him how to do better, is to snuff a lamp and not pour more oil into it. Continue reading “To convince a man of a fault, and not to advise him”

If you have a good income read this

Job 34:18 Nor regardeth the rich more than the poor?

The word rendered rich, opulent, or potent, comes either from a root, עשׁי that signifieth to save, because it is in the power of such to save others from hurt and damage; or else from another root, עושׁ that signifieth to cry aloud; because such men use to speak their minds more freely and boldly, as having that which can bear them out.

But God acknowledgeth them not as such;

only of them to whom much is given much shall be required.

The prophet calls the fear of God “our treasure.”

Prov. 1:Ver. 7. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning. Or, The chief and principal point of wisdom, as the word here signified; yea, wisdom itself. {1}

This Solomon had learned by the instruction of his father, as it is in the next verse, who had taught it him of a child, {2,  3} and therefore sets it here in the beginning of his works as the beginning of all. As in the end he makes it the end of all, {4} yea, the all of man, without which he counts him not a complete man, though never so wise to the world ward.

Heathen sages, as Seneca, Socrates, &c., were wise in their generation, and had many excellent gifts, but they missed of the main; there was no fear of God before their eyes: being herein as alchemists, who miss of their end, but yet find many excellent things by the way. These merchants found goodly pearls, but “the pearl of price” {5} they failed of.

The prophet calls the fear of God “our treasure.” {6} Continue reading “The prophet calls the fear of God “our treasure.””

He was righteously religious and religiously righteous

Job 31, Ver. 38. If my land cry against me…

As unjustly gotten; where we have an elegant personification not unlike that of the prophet, #Hab 2:11,12, where the stone out of the wall cries out against the oppressor, and the tignum e ligno, the beam out of the timber, answereth it by a woeful antiphony.

Continue reading “He was righteously religious and religiously righteous”

Some good men’s first days have been their best days

Job 32:8 And the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

He is the wise man, when all is done, whom, whether old or young, the Spirit of God, who acteth most freely, is pleased to imbreathe.

And although arts and age be good helps to knowledge, yet they must be all taught of God that shall be wise unto salvation; and such as these, the older they grow the wiser they are, for the most part; and if young saints, they become old angels. Continue reading “Some good men’s first days have been their best days”

Afflictions used to come as seals to instruction

Job 33:16 And sealeth their instruction.

Or, their correction, for they go together,

Blessed is the man whom thou chastenest, O Lord,
and teachest him out of thy law (Psalms 94:12);

Continue reading “Afflictions used to come as seals to instruction”

Tamar was to have been burnt for it

Job 31:11 Yea, it is an iniquity to be punished by the judges.

Since it is a theft of that which is most precious and most peculiar to the owner; as Joseph told his mistress, #Ge 39:9; the suspicion or jealousy of it raiseth the rage of a man to such a height that it will not be allayed without revenge, #Pr 6:34,35. Continue reading “Tamar was to have been burnt for it”

Those old men who have not gotten wisdom …

Job 30:1 In whom old age was perished?

Their fathers also were old dottrels, in ipsa senectute, senectute carentes, old, but not wise (Moriae Encore.); like the Brabanti, who are said to be the older the foolisher.

Continue reading “Those old men who have not gotten wisdom …”

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