Job 15, Ver. 27. Because he covereth his face with his fatness.

This is given in as one chief cause of his insolence;

he is a belly god, he maketh plaits upon the paunch, so Broughton rendereth it;

he hath fattened his guts, so Calvin;

he maketh it his business to pamper his body;

his heart also is as fat as grease, #Ps 119:70.

Bene curavit cutem suam in hoc mundo – He takes good care of his skin in this world. (Vat.).

He is waxen fat, that is, prosperity proud, and kicketh, #De 32:15.

Pride and fulness of bread were Sodom’s twin sins, #Eze 16:49.

When people are provender pricked, as we call it, they easily turn the grace of God into lasciviousness, #Jude 4, and

that fulness breeds forgetfulness;

as the fed hawk soon forgets his master, and the moon at fullest gets farthest off the sun. Sensualists who love feasts, #Jud 5:10, are void of the Spirit, #Jude 19.

A full belly maketh a foul heart.

The rankest weeds grow out of the fattest soil; and those that make their gut a gulf, well, they may have collops in their flanks, but they have leanness in their souls; indeed, they have (as swine) their souls for salt only, to keep their bodies from putrefying.