Is not this thy fear, thy confidence,
thy hope, and the uprightness of thy ways? (Job 4:6)

Ver. 6. ls not this thy fear, thy confidence, &c.

Or thy folly: q.d. Is not thy religion a mere foolery? and hath not thou rather acted religion, played devotion and the fear of God, than been serious therein?

This was a most bitter scoff, a cruel shake, and came near his heart. Like as nothing vexed David more than when they laid his religion in his dish, asking, Where is now thy God? So he.

By this alteration that affliction hath wrought in thee, thou mayest easily see what thou art, viz. a very painted hypocrite:

hard weather shows what health; empty vessels set near the fire, crack quickly. At the parting way every dog followeth his own master. Afflictio virum arguit, &c. Affliction shows a man, it turns the inside outward, the bottom of the bag upward; bringing that which was at the bottom to the top;

as that stick cast into the water made the iron swim, #2Ki 6:6.

Doth it not appear (saith Eliphaz here) that thou hast been merely mercenary, serving God while he prospered thee; and now kicking against him, because he affiicteth thee? See how near this man cometh, saith Mercer, to that first instigation of Satan, #Job 1:9, in hoc Satanae factus minister, herein acting the devil’s part, though unwittingly, as Peter also did, #Mt 16:22,23.