Job ch. 3, Ver. 7. Lo, let that night be solitary.

And so consequently sorrowful; for aloneness is comfortless, et optimum solatium sodalitium.

There is a desirable solitariness, such as was that of Isaac, #Ge 24:63, of Jacob, #Ge 32:24, of Christ, #Mr 1:35, of Peter, #Ac 10:9, to talk with God and with themselves.

But usually to sit solitary is a misery, #La 1:1 (for Satan is readiest to assault when none is by to assist), neither is there a greater tie to constancy than the society of saints. This the heathen persecutors perceived, and therefore banished and confined the Christian confessors to isles and mines; where they could not come together for mutual edification and comfort.

There is a woe to him that is alone, and good reason showed for it by Solomon, #Ec 4:9-12. Let no man sty up himself, or affect solitariness; but make conscience of fellowship in the gospel, as the Philippians did from the first day of their conversion to Christ, #Php 1:5, accounting, that communion of saints is a point of practice, as well as an article of belief.