None that go unto her return again, neither take they hold of the paths of life. (Prov. 2:19)

None that go unto her return again. Some of the ancients have herehence concluded that adultery is an unpardonable sin; but “all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men,” saith our Saviour, “save only the sin against the Holy Ghost.” {#Mt 12:31}

True it is, that

  • “a whore is a deep ditch, and a strange woman is a narrow pit”; (Pr 23:27)
  • “whoredom, and wine, and new wine take away the heart”; that (Ho 4:11)
  • such are said to be “destitute of understanding,” and to have lost even the light of nature (Pr 6:32 Ro 1:28)
  • to be “past feeling, and given up to a dead and dedolent disposition”; (Eph 4:18,19)
  • to be “impudent,” (Jer 2:3)
  • wherefore also they are compared to dogs (De 23:18 2Sa 3:8)
  • and for the most part impenitent. (Ec 7:28)

Grace, as one well observeth, is seated in the powers of nature. Now carnal sins disable nature, and so set us in a greater distance from grace, as taking away the heart, &c. Howbeit “all things are possible with God”;

  • Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth; Mr 9:23} and
  • though few have awakened out of this snare of the devil, yet some have, as David, andthat woman in #Lu 7:37,50,And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster box of ointment […] And he said to the woman, Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace“, lest any humbled sinners should despair.